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Pastorelli was started in 1983 when Umberto started with two bags full of stuff as a distributor of products for Rhythmic Gymnastics. The passion, combined with the help of the family led to a growth of the company.

From a purely commercial activity one is transferred to actual production. This offered the possibility of multiple product lines to the customer to offer.

Dedication to work and strive to improve the quality of the articles have always characterized the company. The main themes of Pastorelli their "true philosophy of inspiration.

After 27 years of Pastorelli the company is supplier of the Italian National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics and the various products, such as hoops, clubs, ropes, balls, ribbons and other items have in part contributed to the success of the champion team of Italy . This resulted for example in a gold medal at the 2005 World Championships.

At the World Championships in Moscow 2010, Pastorelli received less than 14 certificates of approval of the highest international body called the International Gymnastics Federation. PASTORELLI thus became an official partner of FIG (The International Gymnastics Federation).

At this time covers the collection of Pastorelli more than 2.500 products that are fully designed and developed in-house. A large part of this collection is easy to order in the shop of TT-Gymnastics. Here you can combine your purchases with matching clothes and shoes. TT-Gymnastics ensures quick delivery.

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